Welcome to Kipple


Kipple is a site where new or used items can be sold and it is free to use for sellers and for buyers.

There are 4 different ways available to sell Items on Kipple 

There are auction listings and there are buy now listings.


Kipple auction Listings

Kipple auction listings offer the seller the choice of Reserve auctions or No reserve auctions 

The seller can choose to select different time periods over which the auctions will run. 


Kipple buy now listings

Kipple buy now listings offer the seller 3 different ways of selling items

Buy now without immediate payment required

Buy now with immediate payment required

Buy now with make an offer


Standard seller vs. Store seller

There are no standard seller fees and no store seller fees.


No final value fee or commission fee

There is no final value fee so whatever your item sells for on Kipple you will pay 0% commision.


No insertion fee or listing fee

There are no insertion fees or listing fees.


No registration fees

There is no fee for registering to use Kipple.