Welcome buyers

First things first - there are no fees for buyers.


Registration is required for bidding and buying on Kipple


To be able to bid or 'Buy now' on Kipple you will need to be registered and have added a valid paypal address during registration. 

A valid paypal address is necessary to allow our shopping cart to process payments beteween buyers and sellers should the seller require payment by paypal.

So if you are not already registered with us simply go to the top of any Kipple page and click 'register', fill out the electronic registration card and click Submit. Now you are all set to start bidding or 'Buy now' on Kipple Auction.


Search Function


The search function consists of a simple and effective layout.

Shop by category can be used or the standard search bar and the search filters can refine the search to specifics within categories and combine with just auction types or just 'Buy now' or all which is both 'Buy now' and Auction.

Contacting sellers

If you have a question for a seller then on all listing types it is possible to message the seller through an active listing.

Auction types

There are auctions that are based on bidding and also 'Buy now' type auctions, some of which will have the option to make an offer.

There are 'Buy now with immediate payment required' and for these types of listings it will be required that payment is made before the listing can end.

There are 'Buy now without immediate payment required' these type of listings allow the buyer to use 'Buy now' without paying straight away and the listing will end allowing the buyer to pay later.

The 'Buy now' type listings allow sellers the option of letting buyers 'make an offer' the limit is three offers for each 'Buy now' listing and the seller can make a counter offer for each offer made. 

Reporting items

If you see a product or seller you are unhappy with please use the report button which will send a flagged message to administration team for that particular listing.

Bidding and automatic bidding
Buyers can place a maximum bid and the maximum bid will remain hidden and the hidden bid amount will only increase when another bidder places a bid this is called automatic bidding.
For example, if a seller has a starting price of £1.00 and a buyer places a bid of £100 then the automatic bid will only go to £1.00 and if the next bidder places a bid of £10.00 then the automatic bid will take the previous bidders bid of £100.00 and increase it to £10.50.


Buyers may not retract a bid once placed and if two bidders place a bid of equal amounts then the bidder that placed the first bid will win.


Here are the bid increments that the automatic bidding system will make


Bid range £0.01- £0.99                  Bid increment £0.05

Bid range £1.00- £4.99                  Bid increment £0.20

Bid range £5.00- £14.99                Bid increment £0.50

Bid range £15.00- £59.99              Bid increment £1.00

Bid range £60.00- £149.99            Bid increment £2.00

Bid range £150.00- £299.99          Bid increment £5.00

Bid range £300.00- £599.99        Bid increment £10.00

Bid range £600.00- £1,499.99     Bid increment £20.00

Bid range £1,500.00- £2,999.99  Bid increment £50.00

Bid range £3,000.00- and above    Bid increment £100


PayPal protection
All items bought and sold that are paid for with PayPal are covered by PayPal protection.
Disputes between buyers and sellers
If a dispute arises between buyer and seller then Kipple does not act as intermediary or assume the role of issuing refunds.
In the case of a dispute arising between buyer and seller then it is advised that the buyer first communicate with the seller to try to resolve the matter and if that does not resolve the issue then it should be dealt with through PayPal dispute console.


What to do if you are unable to complete the transaction for an item you have won 


If you are the winning bidder on any listing (auction-style or 'Buy now' ) listing and are unable to complete the transaction you should notify the seller immediately and providing you have not paid with PayPal the seller can cancel the transaction in seller dashboard.


Unpaid items

If you are the winning bidder on any listing (auction-style or 'Buy now') listing and you do not pay for the item the seller may cancel the transaction through seller dashboard in 'Items sold' using the button labelled 'Cancel due unpaid'.

The 'Cancel due unpaid' function will not be available in the dashboard for a seller to use until 48 hours after the auction has ended. Once 48 hours has elapsed the seller may use the function. This will send a buyer an unpaid item notice instructing them that if the item remains unpaid for another 48 hours then the seller may cancel the transaction. Once the transaction has been cancelled it will disable the PayPal pay function for that particular listing. This will result in the administration team receiving an 'Unpaid Item' notice. Repeated unpaid item notices will lead to a buyer's Kipple account being suspended.