Welcome Sellers 

First things first - there are no fees of any kind for sellers on kipple

Store seller or standard seller ?

We offer a standard seller or store seller option which can be chosen at the time of registration. If you initially register as a standard seller you then have the option of upgrading at a later time to the store seller option.


No Fees for store seller applies exactly the same as standard seller so it is simply a matter of choosing which option best suits your needs 

A store seller option provides a free store front which can be viewed by clicking Store' in seller info on the listing page.

The store front shows all the store sellers products and categories in an organised presentation which allows buyers to easily view all the items you have for sale..


Selling for the first time


Register to be able to list items for sale 

All sellers need to be registered with Kipple and must have added a valid paypal address upon registration. So if you are not already registered with us then simply go to the top of any Kipple page and click 'register' then fill out the electronic registration card and click submit.


Next step

All sellers need to have a PayPal account on file with Kipple before being be able to sell an item and this is necessary to allow our shopping cart to process payments for goods between buyers and sellers.


When a seller tries to sell for the first time they should go to any page and click sell at the top of the page or in the My Account dropdown menu.
You will then see the following message and the page will then ask them to verify PayPal. The verification process does not require any paypal transaction.
Sorry, You don't have permission to access this page! Please Verify Paypal Email click here
'click here' will take you to your profile page and you will see two buttons labelled, Verify, Seller PayPal permission.
These two buttons are processes that require completion before being allowed to sell.
1st Verify
Verification is needed to add your PayPal address to our system
Check that your PayPal address that is already in the box is the correct one and then click verify. This will take you to your PayPal account to complete the verification process.
No PayPal transaction is required.
2nd  Seller PayPal permission
This permission allows our shopping cart to process PayPal payments that buyers send sellers in payment for items.
Click the seller PayPal permission button to take you to your PayPal account to complete the process and you will then be returned to your profile page you should then refresh the page and you will see the ' Seller PayPal permission' buton change to the word 'Allowed' in green letters.
You are now able to sell.
Please note
Although the PayPal permission page indicates refunds as a permission Kipple does not participate in the issue of refunds between buyer and seller for items bought or sold. Any disputes that arise from a sale or purchase are covered by PayPal protection and can be dealt with by PayPal resolution
Once these steps are complete you will be able to click 'sell ' at the top of the page and this will take you to the list an item page.
When you are on the list an item page you can create your listing following these next steps
Choose your category

To create a listing you must first choose a Category and then sub category.


Choose your listing type

You can choose the Listing type which is Auction style with bids or Buy now option.


Auction Listings

Auction type listings offer a choice of a reserve or no reserve and you can add a minimum start price.


Buy now listing types

Buy now type listings can be set for 'Buy now with immediate payment required' or 'Buy now without immediate payment required'


On Buy now type listings there is an option that allows a seller to select Make an offer. This is limited to three offers and three seller counter offers. 


Geographical limitations

A seller can set Geographical limitations and if a country is selected in geographical limitations then bidders from that country will be blocked from bidding.


Add a title and a subtitle

A title and a subtitle are required to allow a listing to go live.


Product identifiers

If you need to add a product identifier such as an ISBN or EAN etc. You can do so and this will help with items appearing in Google shopping.


Add a description

Add a description which should be honest and accurate and should describe any faults or issues.


New or used

Select 'new', 'used' or 'for parts not working'.


Select a start date and finish date.

A start date and finish time must be added to allow a listing to go live.

A listing duration can be selected when the start and finish times are added.


Add a shipping price

Add a shipping price. You can add a shipping price for your own country and also for any other country. To add a shipping price for another country simply use the orange coloured + sign which will open another shipping option with a dropdown menu for other countries.

If you are listing multiple items in one listing you can add the cost of shipping for each extra item.


Take pictures

Adding pictures to a listing is free.


A listing must have at least one picture of the item for sale added to the listing or the list an item page will not allow the listing to go live.

There is a limit of 8 pictures per listing.


Video URL 

We also have included on the list an item page a feature that allows a video URL to be added so if you want to add a YouTube clip or similar to the listing then you can do so for free.



Important note for when listing 'Buy Now' listings with immediate payment required

When choosing the listing type 'Buy now with immediate payment required' If you do not add a shipping price for a specific country then bidders from that country will not be able to bid.

So for example if you are in the UK and select a Buy Now with immediate payment required as your choice of listing to sell with and you do not add a shipping price for the USA then bidders from USA cannot bid but this only applies to Buy Now type listings it does not apply to buy now without immediate payment required or auction style listings.



Submit the listing

That's it click submit and you have listed your Item.



Buyers Questions

Potential bidders or buyers may ask questions To which you may reply. the questions will appear at the top of the page in the section titled 'Messages' there will be a red number appear that indicates there is an unanswered questtion


Block unwanted bidders

As a seller you have the option of adding unwanted bidders I.D. to a block bidder list.

Sellers or buyers may not cancel or remove existing bids placed on a live listing but if you see bidding on an item you have listed from a bidder that you are not happy to accept bids from you can place that bidder in the block bidder list and then that bidder cannot continue bidding on that listing and that bidders max bid will no longer work and this will also prevent that bidder from bidding on or using 'Buy Now' on any future item you may list.

Ship the item and add a tracking number
It is strongly advised to use a tracked shipping service for shipping and there is a function in 'seller dashboard ' in 'Items sold' that allows the seller to upload the tracking number so the buyer can see it in their buyer dashboard.
The function that allows tracking number to be added will only appear after the sold item has been paid for.
It is advised that sellers should only ship to the shippping address on the PayPal payment.
PayPal protection
All items bought and sold that are paid for with PayPal are covered by PayPal protection.
Disputes between buyers and sellers
If a dispute arises between buyer and seller then Kipple does not act as an intermediary issuing Refunds.
In the case of a dispute arising between buyer and seller it is advised that the buyer first communicate with the seller to try to resolve the matter and if that does not resolve the issue then it should be dealt with through PayPal dispute console.

What to do if you the Seller are unable to complete transaction

If a Listing ends in a sale and as a seller you are unable to complete the transaction then providing the buyer has not paid with PayPal then immediately the listing ends the seller can cancel the transaction in seller dashboard using the Unable to complete button .This seller dashboard function only applies provided the item has not been paid for. If the item has been paid for then you must message the buyer and refund the payment.

Unpaid Items

If a listing ends in a sale and the buyer does not pay for the item the seller may cancel the transaction through seller dashboard in 'Items sold' using the button labelled 'Cancel due unpaid' process.

The 'Cancel due unpaid' function will not be available in the dashboard for a seller to use until 48 hours after the auction has ended .Once 48 hours has elapsed the sell may use the function. This will send the buyer an Unpaid Item notice instructing them that if the item remains unpaid for 48 hours then the seller may use 'cancel the transaction'. So 48 hours after 'Cancel due unpaid' has been used the seller may then use 'cancel the transaction'. Once the transaction has been cancelled it will disable the PayPal payment function for that particular listing.

Selling currencies
When registering as a seller with Kipple our software will determine a currency that you can sell with depending on your country of residence.
For example if you are in the UK it will be GBP or if you are in the USA it will be USD. Some sellers may not be able to sell in their own county's currency due to PayPal guidelines. In such circumstances a default currency of either the USD or the Euro will be allocated.